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We've all heard about the various washing instructions for our garments. 'Don't dry this, do dry that', 'Wash whites separately to avoid color transfers', 'don't tumble dry certain clothes' etc.

Well, how about activewear? Forever Fitness has affordable and high quality activewear which is amazing. However, simply because your clothes were not costly does not imply you should just throw them in the wash on whatever cycle. Workout clothing needs special treatment when compared to other items in your laundry pile. It all depends on how you use it and what kind of fabric the clothing is composed of..

This piece will discuss the tips and tricks to properly wash and care for your activewear so that they last forever.

Wash your clothes inside out

There are a couple of reasons why turning your clothes inside out before washing makes the most sense. Most of the dirt and odors from your gym clothes are formed on the inside of your clothes. Turning your gym clothes inside out will help your washer and detergent perform better. Snagging is also a possibility in the washer. If your clothes do happen to catch a snag, at least it is on the inside.

Use the cold wash setting

This is probably a common knowledge, but activewear is considered to be made of delicate fabric(s). Hot water can harm the fibers in your activewear, reducing its lifespan so make sure you use a cold wash setting on a delicate cycle so that you can protect the longevity of your workout clothes.


Fabric Softener is the opposite of an activewear lover's best friend.

Fabric softeners are not recommended for workout clothes because they can actually damage the fabric. If you still use it, at least we warned you.

Hang to dry when possible

Using the dryer when it comes to activewear is not suggested because of the negative effect the high heat has on the fabric. To be honest, I have put Forever Fitness activewear in the dryer before... and it has not pilled, snagged or shrunk... but I definitely avoid it whenever possible.

Well there you have it! Forever Fitness' simple steps on how to properly take care of your activewear and gym clothes.

By the way, come check out our small business! We launched our first activewear collection in April 2022, and if you're in the market for some new affordable, high quality workout pieces, we 've got some for you!



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