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FOREVER FITNESS: Our Growth Throughout 2022 so far

Holy ..... s**t!

How is it already November?

Well I guess it's only right that we do a little recap of Forever Fitness' journey in 2022. Some of you may not know but over the past two years, Forever Fitness has grown a community of over 2500 social media followers and our small Canadian fitness brand could not do it without our amazing customers.

In April 2022, Forever Fitness launched our first activewear collection - Seamless Dreams.

We always knew that creating high quality workout clothing was the ultimate goal and we are so thankful for our amazing of team who helps bring our vision to life when creating each piece.

The Seamless Dreams Collection features 3 designs and colors that deserve some attention—not just for their performance fabrics and gorgeous style, but also for the way that these pieces actually hold you in during a workout.

Seamless Dreams was a great introduction into activewear and after our first month, we knew it was time to predict future trends and work on the next collection.

With feedback from our social media followers and existing customers, we worked with our manufacturers on building up the latest collection.

In September 2022, our second activewear collection - Astonish launched and we gained an even larger following.

Now owning a small business is amazing but it also does NOT come easy.

Because we are a small fitness brand, we have to work twenty times harder to build a name for Forever Fitness. However, we are so thankful for our loyal customers whom we call the #ForeverFam for constantly supporting, leaving Google reviews, and creating fun social media content for us.

Now yes, it is already November but there are still a couple of more exciting things coming from Forever Fitness before the new year. Including a new launch.... hehehe.

So stay tuned!

Thank you for being a part of the journey and we'll catch you on the next blog.



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