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You constantly hear about different fitness brands and browse through their online inventory but you cant find any Canadian brands that have affordable gym clothes or affordable fitness gear... am I right?

Well come check out Forever Fitness! We are a Canadian fitness brand that provides affordable workout clothes for women and very soon, we will be launching a men's activewear line.

Not to mention, our activewear is actually cute, high quality, sweat proof and squat proof.

Our affordable activewear prices in Canadian currency range from $24-$70.

That is only $17.82USD - $51USD!

One thing we have found ever since starting our fitness brand is that some people may get skeptical when they hear about our amazing low prices.

Is Forever Fitness actually affordable?

Is Forever Fitness a trustworthy fitness brand?

Is Forever Fitness activewear, actually high quality?

Yes, yes, and yes.

We always recommend our new customers to read Forever Fitness Google Reviews, and check out our Instagram and Tiktok pages at to see all of our customers creating wonderful content in their Forever Fitness Activewear. We take pride in being one of the first Canadian Fitness Brands that focus on quality, affordability and diversity and we are only focusing on doing bigger and better!

With that being said, come check out some of our bestsellers today and join the #ForeverFam!

If you have any questions about our brand/products, you can use the 'chat' feature found on the bottom corner of the website.



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