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how to find the BEST Scrunch Butt Shorts and Leggings

Are you looking for a butt lift but don't want to go through any procedures?

Are you a gym rat trying to find flattering activewear shorts and leggings?

Do you currently own any scrunch shorts or leggings that have ripped on you?

Whether you're a gym rat or simply someone wanting to up their style, it's great when a pair of bottoms can do both. Forever Fitness is a small business here to help you get that and more with our low-cost yet high-quality activewear meant to last in your wardrobe, forever…

If you're looking to buy scrunch butt shorts and leggings, here are three factors to consider. P.S. Forever Fitness meets - and passes - all criteria.

First things first: Are the shorts and leggings squat proof?

What does it mean to be squat proof? Squat-proof bottoms keep your skin and undergarments covered as you move, stretch and bend. There's a chance that some fabric may sheer out a little at its maximum stretch with certain makers, but as long as it isn't see-through, you should be fine.

Nowadays, big brands focus more on the money they are bringing in and oftentimes forget about the quality of the product they are producing.

Whereas Forever Fitness makes sure we provide our customers with the best activewear they can get. As a small business, Forever Fitness invested a lot of money we didn’t have in order to make sure we went with a supplier that had good ethics as well as good fabrics.

In the below video, we show the successful ultimate squat proof test in our lightest colors from our Seamless Dreams collection - The Sky Seamless Dreams scrunch shorts.

Can you train in them?

Forever Fitness makes cute affordable activewear that can also handle performance.

Our customers participate in different types of training that range from yoga, powerlifting and CrossFit to your traditional weight room training.

Signs that you know you have found a good activewear piece to train in include:

High Quality fabrics and materials - Your leggings and shorts should be made of high-quality materials that you will feel confident and comfortable wearing during your workouts. They should also withstand repeated use and washing.

Comfortable - Your scrunch butt leggings and shorts should be comfortable and fit well so that they do not restrict movement during exercise. Our Seamless Dreams bottoms are perfect for walking, jumping and running activities.

Moisture/Sweat Management - Activewear shorts and leggings made of quick-dry material can make a huge difference with your training. Nobody wants to walk around in the gym feeling sweaty in their clothes. Our Seamless Dreams leggings and shorts will keep you as dry as possible and breathable despite an intense workout session.

Quality of the Scrunch - Because Scrunch Bum Shorts and Leggings don’t like your typical shorts and leggings, you want the cinch to actually do its job and still look good on your behind.


Now that you know how to find the best activewear scrunch bum shorts and leggings, head over to our activewear page and check some of our bottoms out! Forever Fitness has many affordable, stylish and high-quality activewear options for you. We are a small business based in Toronto, Canada but we do ship worldwide so we’ve got you covered!


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