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The Debate: Scrunchies versus Elastic Hair Ties

Scrunchies have made their way back into the fashion world these past few years.

Colorful scrunchies, funky design scrunchies, designer scrunchies, they are everywhere.

The fashion side of the scrunchie is more than all we need to be convinced to make a purchase however have they taken over the elastic hair tie? Should they?

Forever Fitness for sure is on team scrunchie.

Usually we put our hair up because we need it out of the way (ex: for a workout, to get some chores done, the humidity). On average, when your hair is tied up it is generally for more than an hour. Once taking off that hair tie, there is usually a dent in your hair where it was placed up and even at times some breakage due to the stress the elastic placed on your hair.

When it comes to scrunchies, these bad boys are made out of fabric preventing damage and breakage.

Finally, going back to our first point - scrunchies are timeless.

Not only do they do their intended job but they are stylish and fun and can be matched with your outfits if you want to go all the way.

At the end of the day, the end goal with a hair accessory is to have it up and out of the way.

Both will do the job, but scrunchies will give you that added comfort, versatile and painless style.

Now that you have reached the end of this post, you probably are about to search for some scrunchies. Check out some of the Forever Fitness Satin Regular and Jumbo Scrunchies here


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