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The Effortless Leggings but make it Flare! 

These leggings are the ultimate choice for your everyday activities.

Crafted from a light, second-skin fabric, these leggings are destined to become your new daily essential. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and style as you conquer your day.


Please Note: We decided not to launch the Flare Leggings in White Sand. White Sand is available in our shorts and regular leggings.


We recommend choosing the shorter set if you are between 4'11" and 5'2" and the longer set if you are 5'3" or taller.


Composition: 68% Nylon/ 32% Spandex

Effortless Flare Leggings

  • Size Length Waist Hip Inseam  
    XS-S 40.94 in. 22 in. 31.49 in. 31.10 in.  
    M 41.33 in. 23.62 in. 33 in. 31.29 in.  
    L 41.73 in. 25.19 in. 34.64 in. 31.49 in.  
    XL 42.16 in. 26.77 in. 36.22 in. 31.69 in.  


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